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Champion foundry began production in 1920 serving primarily five manufactures in a twenty mile radius. In those days it was jolt squeeze, cupola melt, green sand and hand ramming off the floor. It remained primarily the same the next fifty years.

Larry Pickering purchased the foundry in 1974 and shortly after changes began. Electric melt was introduced in 1976 and the conversion to no-bake molding began in 1978. Over the years several changes came along. The addition of the core room, replacement and rebuilding of the cleaning room.

Next came the sand lab then the Metallurgical lab. We are still changing with the addition of Ductile iron and expanding our horizons with different grades of Ductile iron.

We now service multiple industries covering several states. Our casting can be found around the world as parts of pumps, compressors, machine tools and food equipment. Our castings can also be found in the Henry Ford museum as well as Fort Sumter National Monument.

387 pound gray iron
943 pound gray iron
506 pound gray iron
58 pound gray iron
522 pound dictile iron

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