Ready to pour into the molds.

Piqua Champion Foundry uses cope and drag No-Bake boxes for most of our castings. Larger castings are made in steel flasks. Loose patterns can still be used if necessary.

Core boxes are generally wood or wood with urethane. Because we do not blow cores we do not need expensive core equipment. Because of our process new tooling can be made faster and less expensive than more automated foundries.

We do pride ourselves on needing fewer bells and whistles to keep our customers tooling cost as low as possible for both new tooling and tooling conversions.

Casting with Tooling
506 pounds gray iron
58 pounds gray iron
522 pounds ductile iron

Versatile &  Responsive  Piqua Champion

No-Bake Molding Most existing pattern  equipment

Hands-On,  Personal Service The quality of

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