Ready to pour into the molds.

Piqua Champion Foundry’s in-house Spectrometer and Sand Lab offers chemical testing, analysis and sand testing to ensure quality throughout the casting process. No matter how complex or challenging the project, Piqua Champion Foundry is focused on providing you with the highest quality casting.

  • We use the No-Bake process for all molds and cores. All cores are made in-house.
  • We work with several local pattern and machine shops.
  • It is our belief that when we all work together there is very little that cannot be accomplished.
Ensuring quality
506 pounds gray iron
58 pounds gray iron
522 pounds ductile iron

Versatile &  Responsive  Piqua Champion

No-Bake Molding Most existing pattern  equipment

Hands-On,  Personal Service The quality of

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